Senior citizens are still not convinced of the social and environmental commitments of companies

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), a term that is currently used, commits companies to limiting their impact but also to improving their environment. This includes, for example, the well-being of employees, reducing the ecological footprint, etc.

What is the level of knowledge of senior citizens?

For the over 65s, this is a new concept. We didn’t talk about CSR when they were active in their company. This may explain why they are less aware and knowledgeable about companies’ commitments to environmental and social issues.

According to the Harris Interactive study carried out in January 2022 “The French and committed companies”, senior citizens are the most sceptical about companies’ real commitments. When asked “when companies say they are committed to environmental and/or social issues (reduction of CO2 emissions, fair pay for employees, local employment, etc.), do you feel that this is most often…?”, only 10% of those aged 65 and over feel that this is an established commitment, which is 10 points less than those aged 50-64 and 26 points less than those aged 18-24. The 35-49 year olds are in the middle of the pack with 25%.

However, companies are communicating more and more about their CSR commitment.

What about the general public’s real perception of their impact on the environment or society?

Young people under 35 find it easier to distinguish “the companies that are the most committed, i.e. those whose actions have a real positive impact on the environment and/or society”. Older people find it more difficult to make the distinction (22%).

To enable people to identify companies that are committed, there are labels that allow them to know the level of evaluation of their social commitments. These are more familiar to young people under 35, with 46% of 18-24 year olds and 56% of 25-34 year olds respectively. Seniors are again behind, with only 11% knowing of at least one label.

Everything related to the social and environmental commitments of companies is still little known and understood by older people. They need transparency and concrete results. This may explain why, according to a study carried out by ChooseMyCompany, people aged “over 53 appear to be in retreat and are more likely to declare that they do not want to be involved in any CSR action implemented by their employer”.


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