Seniors and marketplaces

Senior citizens are becoming increasingly digital but remain demanding when shopping online. We are going to look at the criteria they use to make their choices when buying on marketplaces.

With the health crisis, marketplaces have experienced a boom, but what is a marketplace?

A marketplace is an e-commerce site that connects buyers and sellers, usually for a commission. Some examples of well-known marketplaces: Zalando, Cdiscount…

Do the over 50s know the difference between products sold directly by a brand vs. products sold by partner sellers?

According to an OpinionWay online study on the French and marketplaces, nearly three quarters of the over-50s know the difference between “products sold directly by this brand and products sold by partner sellers”. 42% of 50-64 year olds say “yes, often” compared to 27% who say “yes, systematically”. As for the 65+ age group, 50% said “yes, often” vs. 26% “yes, systematically “*1.

What are the priority criteria for choosing products on marketplaces?

For the 50-64 year olds, the first criterion is the quality of the products (70%) followed closely by the price (67%). For those aged 65 and over, the first criterion is also the quality of the products (69%) but it is the product guarantee that comes second (66%). The discovery of a product that they did not know before comes in last position with respectively 16% for the 50-64 year olds and 18% for the 65 and over.

*1.Attention online questionnaire

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